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Must-have features your real estate agent panel

  • properties and clients management

Properties and clients management

With the ability to manage the properties and clients assigned to them, your Real Estate Agents will be able to get any detailed information about the client/property they need and update their information.

With the integration of the most popular messenger into the mobile app, your agents will be able to promptly respond to clients' questions regarding the property details.

Schedule organisation for guided live tours

Setting up the schedule for Live property viewing tours with the customers will help your Real Estate Agents to organise their work.

As Realtors have an access to the detailed information about the people who scheduled the appointments, they will be able to get in touch with them, if needed.

  • Guided live tours
  • Deal Management

Deal management

Getting the detailed information about their deals closed, won or lost, percentage they are getting from the sales, will help your Real Estate Agents to keep their sales activity on track.

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